Beer Chat -- 4/3/15

Eno Sarris, April 03, 2015

Is there something a little creepy about some brewery's social media presences? 

I mean, we can't call every beer our favorite and just putting an emoticon on the end of a statement like this doesn't make it any less confrontational, right?

I mean, it's just weird. They came back later and said "Right on, we love our friends at Sante!" -- but I'm not sure I find it any less strange.

I don't think they honestly wanted to know who I thought was first best, do they? Maybe they did. But I'd like to opine to other drinkers without the brewery getting in my business.

I've had breweries apologize, ask questions, and prod me for more on twitter. No, dude or dudette, I just didn't love that beer. Are you going to change the way you brew it because I don't love it? 

Have you guys had this happen to you? What do you think of it? 

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