Beer On My Shirt: The Shelves Are Done

J. R. Shirt, April 21, 2015

As of today, the shelves are pretty much done. I started to place things on them. Specifically, I placed items on the shelves that will facilitate the playing of and listening to record albums and compact discs. According to the meticulous and ever-watching eye of the BeerGraphs archives, I began this shelf project, at the planning stages, back in December of 2014.

In the near future, I will populate the remaining shelves with things that have no other place to go and I will do this while listening to the record albums and compact discs that are already there. Soon the shelves will be full and perhaps soon the shelves will collapse under the weight of my things

I say this not as a commentary on the excess of the west but rather as commentary on my suspect shelf making ability. These shelves will be tested, my friends, and they will be tested hard. Mostly psychologically.

I photographed the shelves today, mostly empty, mostly to see what they would look like through the eyes of the different filters on my phone.

What emerged was a self portrait. Not of my current self, but of a past self that more often than not I still see in my reflection – thickly white, harshly lit, and nearly empty. Looking at that photo of the shelves, thinking how an old self can be hard to shake, I was reminded how similar the words shelf and self actually are.

Irrationally inspired, I quickly went to work in my fictional screen printing studio. By the time Wife got home from work, I was standing proudly in the living room wearing a t-shirt that in thick block letters proclaimed: “Love Thy Shelf.”

Perhaps the palate of this past version of me that I see in these empty shelves would appreciate the Tricerahops Double IPA by Ninkasi Brewing Co. more than the current version does, or is, or was? Oh, the cycles of time -- I am lost in the throes of your strange nature!

Tricerahops Double IPA, Ninkasi Brewing Co.

Appearance = 4.5/5

Looks awesome. Nice golden orange-ish brown. Some haziness. Cream colored head – a finger off the pour, retains a layer. There is respectable lacing.

Smell = 4.25/5

A mix of big citrus and pine. Catching some tropical notes as well.

Taste = 3.25/5

Bitter pine and grapefruit rind. Just enough of a malt hit behind the hop flavors to give a touch of sweetness behind the huge bitterness. Not nearly as juicy in the flavors as I thought it would be based on the aroma. If pine was a fruit that had a rind, this beer would be described as that.

Feel = 4/5

Nice feel out of the IPA glass. The bitter hits hard enough to have a feel to it but the beer still manages to drink relatively easy for how chewy it is.

Overall = 3.5/5

Great look and aroma but more bitter than my current palate requires.

Slightly disappointed as I had heard great things about Ninkasi for awhile now and recently listened to Jamie Floyd from Ninkasi talk about sending yeast into space on the inaugural episode 1st and 15th podcast (which you can listen to right here on BeerGraphs). Regardless, I am happy Ninkasi is now available in my area and am looking forward to trying Dawn of the Red and anything else from them that I can get my hands on.

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