Beer On My Shirt: This Is Supposed To Be A Podcast

J. R. Shirt, April 23, 2015

Episode 21 of the Drinking With Shirt podcast, featuring the triumphant return of Ballast Point's Sculpin, has been recorded (listen to previous episodes here). However, we have reached the point in Wife's pregnancy where the volume of her chewing (measured in decibels, not cubic inches) prohibits the simple editing of a podcast.

If planets could come alive and eat other planets I am now fully aware of what that sounds like. And please understand, I am not comparing Wife to a planet in terms of size or mass. I am strictly comparing her to a planet in terms of the hypothetical sounds a planet might make as it devours other planets. 

She doesn't gain much weight (not that there is anything wrong with that), but the process of her eating, a vital part of the day-to-day routine, makes sounds reminiscent of all the world's horses simultaneously chewing while all the world's knuckles are simultaneously cracked and popped.

And I love her. And pregnancy is a wonderful thing. Every moment and every sound of it is a gift. And we are lucky that the pregnancy has gone as smoothly as it has. (Wife doesn't even read this stuff so this is completely heartfelt and not at all self-serving murder prevention.)

(Her sister does.) (Read this, I mean.) (From prison) (Where she is serving a life sentence for murder.)

(Hello Amanda.)

But beyond the sound of one thousand falling trees that is Wife's chewing and breathing, the podcast remains unfinished because I am unsure of what the subsequent BeerSport should be. And so I present to you some options and an open forum for suggestions.

Currently, I have been enjoying two IPA's: Troegs' Perpetual IPA and Captain Lawrence' IPA. Perpetual IPA was the first 12-pack I purchased from a beer distributor since Pennsylvania changed its laws and allowed beer distributors to sell 12 packs. Captain Lawrence's IPA was something I finally purchased after reading about it in Paste's blind tasting of 116 IPA's. So the thought was I might put them both in the BeerSport arena and then have the winner face off against Victory's DirtWolf.

I like this idea because it plans out two episodes instead of one.

Another thought I had was to have another pilsner podcast – similar to the Episode 3 – but with East Coast pilsners instead of Chicago pilsners. Specifically, I was thinking Peak's Fresh Cut Pilsner, a dry hopped Czech pilsner that lately I have been enjoying with some frequency, with Victory's Prima Pils, which for me is the easily obtainable gold standard of hoppy pilsners.

So please let us know what you think – what beers do you want to hear us drink? Which of the above options do you prefer? Or do you have a totally different idea in mind? The loose plan at this point is to start to bring back some of the winners form previous BeerSports and maybe even some of the losers (cough cough DirtWolf).

And most importantly, Episode 21 of the Drinking With Shirt podcast should be available very soon.

Perpetual IPA, Troegs' Brewing Co.

Appearance = 4.75/5

Wonderfully golden and perfectly clear with two fingers of white/off white head off the pour.

Smell = 4/5

The aroma is a mix of citrus fruit and rind. Orange, grapefruit, and lemon.

Taste = 4/5

Follows the nose – delicious elements of citrus and bitterness reminiscent of fruit skins. The balance between the fruity flavors and a decent bitterness without much of a pine thing happening is enjoyable and sets it apart from just another IPA.

Feel = 4/5

Nothing here really stands out and nothing here really sets it back. Maybe I'm just being lazy but usually feel is what I notice most and this feel simply exists. Perhaps it exists on the heavier side of things for a single IPA. Or perhaps it is perfect.

Overall = 4/5

I am a fan of this beer. I like that it is in cans. I also like the label featuring many gears on the can. Most importantly, It is offers an enjoyable amount of flavors and bitterness without building up as you make your way down a glass or two.

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