Beer Chat -- 4/1/15

Eno Sarris, May 01, 2015

Modern Times, quit lying. 

I just had a Fortunate Islands "Wheat" and a Blazing World "Amber" and I just had two pale ales. Sure, the Islands where wheaty and tropical, and the World was musty and yet fruity at the same time, so I get what they were saying. But maybe they should just put "Pale" after those words to give people a better sense of what they are getting into. 

I mean, the nerds will know. They always know because they talk to people and read up and all that. They'll know that you gotta drink these beers, especially as their distro starts to expand. 

But someone just looking at cans in the fridge with little knowledge of Modern Times, the in-between craft drinker, the guy that likes good beer but doesn't want to read the blogs... he might just say "I don't really like Ambers or Wheats." I know this because I used to be that guy and I don't like Ambers or Wheats. 


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