Drinking With Music: Bell's Venus

Michael Donato, May 12, 2015

I drank this beer while listening to the music that inspired it. In this case, Gustav Holst’ Venus, the Bringer of Peace. Previously I tried this with Bell’s Mars, the first beer in the series.

The beer and music both start out calm and slow with long notes. Sweet malt on the nose with just a hint of spice. The music hits some deep notes with the first sip, and the first sip is full of the flavor of those lighter spices typical to a blond. A little bit of coriander perhaps, and some light citrus notes. 

There’s some complexity there, various flavors hit my tongue as the music introduces some new instruments. We’re getting some shorter notes in front now, a upbeat and melody that’s building towards something the way the spices play on my tongue and stack into a stronger flavor. The same deep notes underlay the melody, as the malt sweetness is ever present in the beer. 

We hit what might be ‘act two’ in the Bringer of Peace. The music tells a story of a searching character, in a new world he’s unfamiliar with. Searching and feeling his way around until he’s comfortable, and now he’s enjoying this part. I’m enjoying this beer. It’s still got plenty of almost honey sweetness, but there’s enough richness of character to keep it interesting. I’m noticing more of the hops now, light as they may be. It’s just a hint of floral on the back of my tongue. 

The music is very serene. Not much is happening, because the status quo is so nice. This is a beer you could comfortably sit and enjoy for a while. It’s not rich and full like an imperial stout, but it’s got a calm sweetness that coats your tongue that lends itself to small sips. 

The music progresses. We’re reaching a point where the next adventure HAS to be taken, and it’s a little intimidating for the main character. It then reaches a point that seemingly has the character ascending to the next plane. He’s fulfilled what he needs to fulfill in the early part of the piece and is now content and happy. Much like I’m happy at the end of this beer, softly enjoying the last few sips as they go down, leaving me happy and content. 

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