Beer Chat -- 5/15/15

Eno Sarris, May 15, 2015

Probably going to go out and drink a bit tonight in San Diego, but I'm paralyzed by choice.

Do I go to the old standard, Monkey Paw, and enjoy some of the best of what's happening in beer now for a decent price, close to where I'm staying? 

Or do I go to Hamilton's, a famous favorite that I haven't yet crossed off my list for some reason?

Or do I go to 30th street, which not only has Tiger! Tiger! as a bar, but also Fall Brewing, Belching Beaver Brewing, Toronado, Hess Brewing, Waypoint, and South Park? (Actually, I could rope Hamilton's into this, too.) 

But If I try to hit five places, will I only really hit the first two and then stumble home? 

And what about Modern Times, someone said they're up to some fun new stuff. 

And then there's Bagby. 

Man, I don't even know. 

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