BREAKING: Beergraphs Editor-In-Chief Traded!

Josh Augustine, June 28, 2013

Our now former sister site broke the shocking news late last night that editor-in-chief of BeerGraphs, Eno Sarris, has been traded to a new organization! This portends big changes for BeerGraphs. First and foremost, we will soon be rebranding as Beer Prospectus. With the markedly increased budget that comes along with this change, we were able to hire a team of the world's best designers to come up with a sexy new logo:  

Cosmetics aside, the guts of the change will be a shift from the current BAR calculation to the BORB (Beers Over Replacement Beverages) formula, which we guess they've been using for awhile, but we're not really sure because we had never heard of it when we came up with our thing.

BarelyBeer writers as of press time had this to say about the transaction:

"Who's Eno Sarris? Will he clean up this mess that I made?" - J. R. Shirt

"I'm not sure what this guy is up to, but I'm excited to go along with it!" -Alex Fossi

"Changing of the guard
Will bring us opportunity
Click here to subscribe" - Jeffrey Wiser

BeerGraphs, as part of the deal, will get draught compensation in 2014. Scouting of young but high-upside beers has already begun and speculation is swirling that BeerGraphs is already running lines to draught Pliny The Younger out of Russian River. It's a high risk/high reward move, and as the old saying goes, There Is No Such Thing As A Pitcher Prospect.

In addition, the rumor mill has already churned out a tid bit that suggests that a second transaction is soon to follow. Insiders believe that Three Floyds Brewery has already offered in exchange for Sarris and Pour To Be Named Later, a raffle ticket for a chance to compete in a triathlon where the grand prize is a soapbox derby car that can be pedaled from BeerGraphs HQ to Munster, Indiana, upon which time, if the battery powered headlight is still illuminated, said headlight can be used to gaze from a distance upon a bottle of precious Dark Lord beer. Sarris was not available for comment regarding the likelihood of this deal being completed, but the following tweet was posted from his account shortly after the rumors surfaced:

We'll report further information as news breaks.