Beer Chat -- 5/29/15

Eno Sarris, May 29, 2015

I'm starting to have IPAs that are too fruity. 

At one point, I couldn't get enough. But the grapefruity shandy that is Grapefruit Sculpin was the first time I took a step back from the 4+ stars I'd give every fruity juicy IPA. I mean, I think I still gave it four stars, but I thought about it a while and wasn't sure of myself. 

Then I had the Molotive Lite from Evil Twin. It's fine, it's good, it's probably a 3.75-4 star beer for me, and I'm happy to have three more, especially at the price. But the 'natural flavors' added are super fruity. Like maybe some mangoes or something. But it's kind of intense, and it doesn't grow out of a big bodied flavor like many other stone fruit tastes. Maybe it worked better with the non-lite version of this beer, which is bigger by alcohol (13%), but even this one was pretty big (8%). Maybe it's an SRM thing -- it *looks* like a session. 

Dunno. Maybe I'll have a different idea after the second can. It was pretty good, but I had some sort of reaction to it. 

Tides turn! I don't know if we'll all be having coriander saisons next, or something like 32 North's berry Goses, or some other kinds of tweaked out DIPAs, but I doubt we'll still be having super juicy fruity IPAs in five years. .

Which is great, of course. 

The Week in BeerGraphs

A poem, really, about how I didn't go to the beer store. 

Sours, it turns out, aren't really getting a ton more checkins.

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