Beer Chat -- 6/5/15

Eno Sarris, June 05, 2015

Thanks to Matt Dennewitz, paragon of virtue, our Style+ boards are more correct. More on that next week, in terms of what changes we made, and why it happened, but fun stuff until then:

  • Only four breweries make only solid beers but have put together 30 BAR in the meantime. Three of them from the Northeast. Can you guess before you click
  • Three breweries own all of the top 16 saisons by new Style+. I thought two were obvious. How many can you get before you peek?
  • There's a Pennsylvania brewery in the top three for sours by the revamped Style+. It's not the one you think, I'd guess. Now look.
  • There's only one DIPA on the top 25 for Style+ that doesn't have more than seven beer wins. It's from Canada. Don't even try. No, I don't believe you. You didn't guess that brewery.

Look at the top ten big stouts and there are two breweries you don't expect, right? Two breweries, one from the Northeast and one from California, but not northern or San Diego. Did I give you enough hints? Now look. 

Obviously it's working better now. We figured out a math thing, more on that next week, and then there was an implimentation thing, more on that next week, and Matt emerged victorious in the end. We win. Now Style+ is a number that is independent of distribution. There's no connection between how many checkins the beer has gotten and the overall score when it comes to Style+, so it can be a better beer scout tool. 

More on the way. 

The Week in BeerGraphs

Two beers were behind the idea that became Modern Times' Blazing World, bet you can't guess which two since we're doing this, give it a shot.

Have we all tried to convince someone we love to love beer more? Yes.

Read this jawn.

Drink local is probably not the first idea we should have. (Though I love drinking fresh!)