Beer Chat -- 6/12/15

Eno Sarris, June 12, 2015

I'm a dick. 

Because I make the tiniest bit of money writing about beer, I get to claim most of my beer expenses on my taxes, and so therefore I often don't consider cost a ton when I go drinking, except for at the very extremes. At about $30 a bomber, I start to squint and think hard. Amazing how many great beers huddle at that price, huh. 

Anyway, so there's the whole thing about Evil Twin getting yelled at for charging too much for their beer. Which I found out from friend of the program Will Gordon over at Deadspin Concourse.

As a student of the game, I'm fascinated that this brewery employee would do write this letter, it's a really bad idea. He brings in all sorts of brewers and really really should have reserved this for the bar or his house or his shower.  I'm also a little surprised that Evil Twin would post that letter themselves, as it reminds (especially me, who wasn't paying attention) of their average price. Add that price to the fact that they are a bit too hit-or-miss, a little like someone else in the family (Evil Twin brews above-average beers just 53% of the time, while twin brother Mikkeller beats them at 59%)... I may take a little break from Evil Twin.

As someone who knows only a very little about brewing from my very failed attempts, I'm not surprised at the assumption that bigger beers should cost more, though. More wood, grain, time -- these things are normally associated with more cost, I would assume. Don't the Easy Jacks of the world cost a bit less? I hope so. 

As an editor of BeerGraphs, I absolutely want to get price information. I'm working hard at that. I'd love it. It would help my dumb ass.

As a person who buys beer, I suddenly feel like a dick. Although. I would admit that I do pay more attention here or there, I remember when an expensive one burns me, I definitely noticed that my can of Evil Twin Molotov Lite had an $11 sticker on it yesterday (and raised an eybrow), and absolutely I have set up a system where I mix a few in each tier, just to make sure I don't bankrupt my sorry writer ass on beer. 

But, as a person who basically doesn't travel much outside of visiting family these days, and gets my sports for free, and is otherwise bankrupted by my children... yup. I spend it on beer. 

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