Beer Chat -- 6/26/15

Eno Sarris, June 26, 2015

Too many things. 

Yesterday, I had a Paradox Beer Spirit of Skully Barrel Number Three, a sour farmhouse stout aged in whiskey barrels. Just that it took me that many words to describe the beer without getting to taste words should be a hint that there was too much going on there. 

Chocolate velvet horse blanket cherry pepper funk. Brett chocolate thing. Lots of tastes but also lots of Brett. 

I like dark sours. I like sour porters. But this one tried to be too much, I think. Too many flavors, too many buzzwords, too many styles, even. Who knows what style it should be listed under.

I like when breweries do new things, but this one is eh. Just too ambitious maybe. 

I like where they were going with this but I didn't like where it ended up. 

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