Beer Chat

Eno Sarris, July 10, 2015

This is putrid. 

Imagine trying to make a spiced Budweiser without barley or wheat. Imagine zero mouthfeel combined with sugary molasses sweetness and some sort of strange herb maybe a little like anise but not really. Imagine a thin herb beer where you still taste the alcohol too much. Imagine... Redbridge Gluten-Free "Beer." 

And then feel very sorry for celiacs. I mean, cider is fine, wine is good. But beer, glorious beer, is not the same without wheat or barley, it just isn't, and it's a little depressing. 

Pour one out for our friends with the problem, because they probably won't know the joy we know when we pop open a fizzy one after a long day of work. Count your blessings -- generally, not one by one. 

(Sorry for the week off of the chat, took the long weekend to prepare for an upcoming move.)

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