Beer Chat 7/24/15

Eno Sarris, July 24, 2015

365 taps. 

I can't even find the link now, but who cares. Who wants to go to a bar with that many taps. For many reasons. 

1) How many of those taps suck and are big beers? 

If you have 365 taps, the pressure to sell the beers coming out of those taps is fairly immense. Otherwise you have 365 stale kegs to get rid of. So you'll always go with the popular stuff and probably won't take a ton of risks with the main 200-300 taps. 

2) I would be paralyzed by choice.

I can barely complete a fantasy baseball trade in which there are two or three packages available to me, how could I decide between 365 beers. I'm not one to complain about the marketplace being oversaturated or there being too many available craft beers, not generally, but in this case... probably too much.

3) Holly gimmick, Batman. 

It just reads wrong. It's like a revolving restaurant or a place where you can watch sports while they cut your hair. I mean, I get your demographic and it probably created a buzz, but it's not making me get all moist.

4) Dirty tap lines.

Hey, you, minimum wage worker who took this job because you need to pay off your school loans and are looking for a better job, could you please go back into the cool box and clean 365 tap lines please, mmkay thanks. It would be like the Golden Gate Bridge, where you paint it / clean the lines over the course of a year, and then just start over from the other side. A sisyphussian task. And not worth it. 

So, how many taps is too many?

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