Beer Chat 8/21/15

Eno Sarris, August 21, 2015

I take it all back. 

I once said that social media presence by breweries was creepy, and now I'm sure it can be used for good. I had a 4Hands War Hammer last night and wondered in my twitter/Untappd review if it was fresh. The brewery responded on twitter in a well-measured, totally uncreepy way:



Okay I can get with this. This is social media as a check on distribution and freshness, this isn't a weird sidling up to a guy at the bar and saying 'hey how'd you like our beer, huh, huh?' This is brand protection. This is what the big brands do with their social media presence. 

Maybe last time was a little creepy. Discretion Brewing wanted me to tell them what the best beer in the Santa Cruz area was because I called them second-best. I maintain that's weird. That means I'm talking to a brewery like they were a troll on twitter or a dude at the beer store at the very best. Brands are supposed to talk like companies, no "I" and no weirdness. 

But this time? I'm on board. This makes me feel better about 4Hands and their beers. This makes me feel like they care enough about their beers to monitor freshness through any means necessary. Especially for pale ales. 

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