Beer Chat -- 8/28/15

Eno Sarris, August 28, 2015

Just had a trio of beers that paired well by being similar but different. Unfortunately, it was a bit of good, better, best. Unfortunate for the worst beer in the group, at least.

  1. Drake's Aroma Prieta
  2. Surly Todd the Axe Man
  3. Modern Times Blazing World

Aroma Prieta is a version of Aroma Coma, and I love Aroma Coma. This Prieta version includes Nelson Sauvin, Pacific Jade, and then Motueka and Aussie hop Helga in the double dry-hop, which is such a great group of hops that you know you're going to like it. Just a great collection of tropical fruit tastes, with a grapefruit twist at the end. Taste was not the problem. 

But when you follow it with Todd the Axe Man, the flaws come out. Todd has the same fruity, juicy deliciousness, but it comes with... bubbles. Todd made Prieta seem flat. Prieta was flat. I thought it was the growler the first time, but I had Prieta a second time out of a bottle, and it was flat. Axe was full of bubbles and smell and made me feel like I was eating a mango in a meadow full of flowers while floating on bubbles blown by my family as I get a foot massage. That's what I want out of an IPA. 

The only flaw that I could find with Todd was exacerbated by Blazing World: there isn't a ton of thickness to the mouthfeel. It's a tiny bit thin, maybe I could be sitting on plus blanket while getting the foot massage. Blazing World, almost an amber, and built on the idea that Surly Furious should meat Alpine Nelson and have a love child, is full of mouthfeel. It's a meal. Maybe it shouldn't be compared to a thinner beer, it was, because I had them in order. 

If you ask me now, I rate them backwards in the order I had them. But the order I had them probably affected the way I reviewed them. If we were talking desert island beer, Todd's closer. There's more water. But if we're talking One Beer, tonight, it's Blazing World. 

It's just the context is king argument, all over again. 

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