Beer Chat -- 9/11/15

Eno Sarris, September 11, 2015

Interviewing the guys at Harmonic Brewing made me wonder what styles my brewer would feature in its debut. I think this will be pretty easy actually, given that I've already profiled my style and am fully ware of my proclivities. But I thought I'd break it down just a little more than "IPA." 

So here are my eight debut styles, with a few descriptors and an inspiration. 

  • Fruity tart gose -- 32North has a blackberry seawater gose, and something like that is a must for me.
  • Dirty pilsner -- Think Pinkus organic Ur-Pils, or perhaps an imperial pilsner that you like
  • Dirty saison -- Maybe I should just call my brewery Dirty Balls and name everything baseball-y (Sante Adairius)
  • Barrel-aged saison -- Give me something tart, maybe with something nice and fruity added (Anchorage?)
  • Dark sour -- oh yes, I need me a blackberry barrel aged pedio lacto brett bomb (Rare Barrell)
  • Fruity XPA -- I'm thinkin like Fieldwork's pale, or Firestone Walker Easy Jack
  • Dank fruity DIPA -- Just go to Cellarmaker if you can, because they nail this
  • Sweet stout (nitro?) -- doesn't have to be milk, but my buddies at Discretion had a great carmelized milk stout

So that's what I need. Dirty Balls Brewing with an Anthony Gose, a Brett Pils, Fresh Saison, Post Saison, Rain Delay Sour, Day Game XPA, Sunday Double Header DIPA, and a Mr. October Stout. 

Done. You?

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