Beer Chat -- 9/25/15

Eno Sarris, September 25, 2015

We'll see if I'm here chatting. I hope to be, but I'll be in the air drinking -- the wife and I are leaving the kids for the first time for a weekend in Hawaii for a wedding -- and who knows about internet (and beer) in the air. 

I really enjoy beer, and I really enjoy talking about beer with you group, and it's so great how many different places everyone's from and the different beers we get to share. I hope Hawaii brings me some surprises so that I have something to write about Monday, and I hope that the passion strikes some of you to write this weekend because lord knows it's tough to get content together without any sort of head start.

But that's not the concern. I'm giddy about this weekend, and though right now I'm happy to be here and I'm happy to have this community, I know that beer will take a back seat for the next three days. Perhaps I'll finally have that Surly Pentagon when I get back Sunday night as a capper, or perhaps I'll be so worn out it'll be water and bed. 

Either way, I know that next week I'll have you guys to kvetch with, and that's a fun feeling. 

So, thanks!

The Week in BeerGraphs

Last weekend's beer was about a double Jesus and a bad pot pun. 

Tips for first-time beer swappers from a first-time beer swapper! 

Everyone! Welcome Colin, a brewer who points us to some pilsners.

Have you had this beer... WITH A JELLY BEAN?