Beer Chat -- 10/2/15

Eno Sarris, October 02, 2015

I had a putrid beer. I think I knew it was putrid when I bought it but I bought it because:

I'm not even an AC DC fan or anything, but ROCK OR BUST, with the 'Australian Hard Rock' subtitle and a list of AC DC albums and the gold and black and red... I had to at least try it. It reminded me of a BeerGraphs review I did that came even before BeerGraphs existed -- Big Hurt Beer. That beer was so bad it made me feel differently about Frank Thomas, a baseball player I loved long time. 

If you put your beer in the hands of another brand, you'll get more people to buy it no matter what they think of your brand. And I suppose the beer company (more than the brewery) just wants you to buy that beer, and doesn't care if you think less of them afterwards? The problem is, it's not a way to build loyalty if the beer is bad. The Ommegang Game of Thrones beers have been good enough to avoid this problem, but here are two beers that brazenly used another brand to sell you bunk crap. 

I don't know if there's anything else to learn from me drinking a pissy sweet metal lager from Germany with an American band on it attributed to Australia, other than maybe -- don't buy a beer if it doesn't feel good. If you know you're headed down a silly path. There are other calories and dollars to spend. Of course I just drainpoured half of it, couldn't believe I even drank half. "That tastes stale," said the wife. 

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