Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, October 12, 2015

Because I have two toddlers in day care, there is always a cold virus in my house. At all times.

Sometimes I show symptoms and sometimes I don't. But I figure it's always in there, because it's always around me, it's always running out of my child's nose. I always have it. 

This weekend, the symptoms simmered right there under the surface. I wasn't what most people would call sick, but I knew that one misstep in any direction would have me sick. 

I don't know if this is a normal way to talk about these things. My wife just rolls her eyes at me, but she does that a lot, so I don't know. 

But, for *whatever reason* then, I took it easy this weekend. 


Federation Bus Tub Brown IPA
Mraz Brewing Old School IPA
Almanac Simcoe Hoppy Sour

I did an interview about this first beer because it was such an interesting idea. A Brown IPA. I think they'll re-tool it one more time and have something really innovative on their hands. Brown, thick, and beautiful. 

Never had a Mraz before, but for an Old School IPA, it was fruity fresh. I wanted a few more bubbles and some crispness, but I'll have another Mraz for sure. Even if I won't put his music on. 

I loved the Citra sour so much that I had to demote Simcoe in my hops rankings. But I still love it as part of a bigger plan. These single-hop sours are great, and well timed for anyone having dogpatch fatigue. Can't wait for the Grand Crus and the Blueberry this fall. 


Founders All-Day Session IPA
Caldera IPA

Took care of the kids by myself Friday night, so there was another reason to take it easy. All went well except for the older one slamming the door on the younger one's fingers and the screaming and the crying and the tantrums. It was great. Everything went fine. Nobody died. 

All-Day is great, second in the style to Easy Jack in my opinion. Super happy that Founders is here, supper not happy I wasn't in my beer store during the four hours in which they had KBS.  Guess I need to try harder with my beer man. The Caldera was canned on 7/22 and Ben thought that was young enough to be 'normal' so I guess I don't like it. Super malt pine bomb, nothing special going on for me. The kids were fine. I promise. 


Stone Enjoy By 10.31.15

I don't know why anyone's talking poop on the latest Enjoy By. I get something beyond tropical fruit, like maybe stone fruit, in the nose, it's got some mouthfeel and effervescence, and it has a nice crisp piney finish. Maybe I'd want a touch more juiciness from the perfect beer, but I see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind and a little Enjoy By and a Mets game.


Beach Chalet APA
Beach Chalet Lake Merritt IPA
To øl Simple Life Saison

The Beach Chalet beers. There was nothing bad about them, but I didn't check in and haven't yet. There wasn't anything to recommend them especially either, but the real reason I haven't checked in is that I had these beers early Sunday on a lawn by the water surrounded by Norther California's wind-swept pines -- pines that have been so blown by the wind that they grow sideways, making them perfect for young children to climb. I couldn't be objective, in other words. 

The Simple Life was the star of the weekend and I gave it 3.5 stars. The problem was, I should have given it more. But I rated it too quickly. Drink this beer and the first three or so sips will be all brett and oak and you won't get the fruit that's in there and it's just normal, fine. But if you keep drinking, you get the Mosaic and Simcoe and then things start to change. Then you get a fresh, white-wine, oak-tasting, fruity saison without any of the over-stepping that sometimes comes from fruity saisons. It really feels better-blended in the second glass even. I'm not mad about the $19.99, not really. Even though after two or three sips I thought it was the worst beer I'd had from these Danes.