Beer Chat -- 10/16/15

Eno Sarris, October 16, 2015

The Mets were playing, and then I had a ticket to the Stanford/UCLA game, so I knew it would be a long night and I wanted to take it easy. So I popped the top on an Andygator, a helles bock from Abita in New Orleans. Hey, it's light-colored, I thought, it's going to be easy drinking. 

Oops. (That's interesting -- the "Oo" in "Oops" sorta mimics the 'big eye little eye look that people make when they make a mistake, it's like emoji onomatopoeia!) 

Anyway, this 8% beer is not easy drinking. It holds the alcohol firmly in it's grasp, and it has a lot of taste for a beer that has an color in common with a pilsner. Maybe a bit sweet for my tastes, but a good, strong helles bock. 

Other than the Masters of Disguise light stouts, what other beers have surprised you with their ABV? The sneak attack beers, stronger than the ABV or SRM would suggest? 

(I'm writing this before the Mets and Dodgers play so... be easy on me if the Mets lost.)

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What beer was most common at your favorite ballpark?

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New Cideri! I never knew that word before. Spartanburg represent.