Beer Chat -- 10/30/15

Eno Sarris, October 30, 2015

Wet hop fresh hop best hop veggie hop drop it stop it.

I love wet hop season, so I bought everything my beer man had. (He didn't have Pliny or Pappy and he let everyone know.) So I came home with Founders Harvest and Deschutes Hop Trip and Lagunitas Born Yesterday. Will have eyes wide open for more. May have to sneak out to the bar in case they have some on tap this weekend. Wish I was on the east coast to try some more, or wish some of the Northwestern stuff made it down more often. 

You'll probably hear more about these particular beers monday, so no review here.

It's funny though, because when I use words to describe wet hop beers, I always want to throw in 'vegetable.' It's wet and thick and less fruity than the dry hopped beers. The aromatics are danker and less crisp. It's the difference from crushing wet oregano in your hand to sprinkling dry oregano in your sawce. 

But turn that around and try to recommend beer to someone while using that language, and you might get some weird looks. "Oh yeah it's fruity bitter vegetable juice," you might say, "it's great."

"..." they might say. 

Still, I haven't found a better way to describe that taste. Have you?

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