Beer Chat -- 11/20/15

Eno Sarris, November 20, 2015

One thing I miss about beer is the camraderie.

I'm doing my penance for the baseball season and making sure I do as much around the house as I can, plus the kids are conspiring to make things hellish right now, what with the croup and the colds and the pooping in the underpants. Can't really say, hey, babe, see you tomorrow, I'm off to drink some beers with some people. 

But I got a taste in Phoenix a couple weekends back and it makes me want to sneak off tomorrow during the day. It's not the greatest use of an offseason Friday, but it would be hella fun to pick up a friend and drink at Cellarmaker for an hour or two before the kids get home. 

You other pops of pups out there, you sneak in some happy hour trips? Stop by your favorite craft beer spot while picking up diapers? Wait till everyone's asleep and jet for a few? 

I need some tips. Right now, it's the occasional, 'hey, that's pretty good' from my wife or brother in law, and you guys. I wouldn't mind a tactic or two to inject some actual real-life hello into my beer routine. 

The Week in BeerGraphs

Drank my Arizona haul, for the most part, and... Tree House rocks.

How do you buy beer from a brewery you've never heard of?


I updated the brewery map to reflect that Tennesse is not great and Alabama allows samples on site. Plus, the map looks better now. And you can still see how there's a southern bloc of bad brewery distribution rules.