Beer Chat -- 12/4/15

Eno Sarris, December 04, 2015

There's an awkward moment after that moment when you've gone to a popular brewery to get beers for trading, and before the moment when the box arrives from those other places to replace the beers you bought at the popular brewery and sent away. 

You've spent too much money at the spot that got you the trade value to continue spending money at your regular spots, and then when you think about the money you spent sending it, the heartburn only gets worse. When you show up at your beer spot, and it's Black Friday and you have to spend $50 just to buy some Bourbon County, then you're too embarassed to spend on any more on other beers and you come home and drink Lagunitas IPA out of the case your wife bought so that you don't spend any more money. 

The nice thing is this: thanks to social media, you can actually watch your trading partner track the FedEx number and ask for dashboard cameras on delivery vans while they eagerly anticipate your beer. There's some joy in that, and reciprocating the anticipation on what they will send back. 

And also: there are good regularly-available beers. There's probably some optimal strategy that has you buying top locally-available beers only, trading them for other top beers, and buying the best regularly-available beer in your area in the meantime.

Not sure how to figure that right now, but I like the thought.

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