Beer Chat -- 12/11/15

Eno Sarris, December 11, 2015

There was a time when I knew the hot local band and when they were playing at the small place that nobody really knew on the other side of town. I saw the Shins with five hundred people, hell I even saw Busta Rhymes with less than a thousand people. I've seen small Phish shows, I saw Matt & Kim with about 75 people at Stay Gold Gallery in Brooklyn. I better stop before I date myself further.

Now is not that time any more. I'm headed to a big local radio corporate bash with Weezer, Death Cab for Cutie, Foals, and Silversun Pickups tonight. It cost decent money and is at the basketball arena. It's not that hot local band on the other side of town. It's really big. It makes me feel dirty to go.

It's fine. I have two toddlers and when am I going to sneak out to hear that neo electro thrash disco foursome anyway. Nah, it's fine. 

Plus, I have my beer. I fully expect to think back to the days I had Cellarmaker before they bottled, and the first Fieldwork beer I had when they moved up here, and how I had a beer of his when he was at Modern Times. I do have the time to stop by that new brewery that everyone's talking about, especially since I can bring my kid when I need to and it's okay with the brewery. I'm planning a day trip to Bagby Brewing, and Mason Brewing, and Pizza Port in Oceanside. It's like going to a music festival, except it's a little cheaper, takes less time, and happens earlier in the day, so I can wake up early with my kids without two daggers in my eyes and no love for the world. 

It's funny, the things we get into at different points in our lives. Beer is my new music is my new baseball cards, in a way.

I guess you could spin this a negative way -- you're just collecting, you don't care about the experience -- but that's rude. I loved my baseball cards, I rocked to that music, I drink the shit out of this beer (most of the time, at least, some times a Sierra is just fine). 

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