Last Week's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, January 19, 2016

You have to pace yourself when there's an extra day in the weekend. I don't think I did a good job this weekend. 

On the middle Sunday, after having spent a couple days enjoying the state of my beer fridge, I had people over and since we all had kids, I said, anytime after nine am (I know that sounds super early to people without kids probably). So everyone was over by ten and we were eating brunch well before eleven and then it didn't make sense to wait till noon anyway to open some of these great beers and then children's naps all conspired (in a good way) to lengthen the afternoon, and all of a sudden you're knee deep in some barrel aged stout, wimpering about wanting to go to bed while your children run laps on top of you.

That was a nice Sunday. 

DC Brau The Citizen Belgian PA
Blue Mountain A Hopwork Orange IPA
Golden Road Back Home Gingerbread Stout

Thursday... I can't speak much on what happened Thursday, beer-wise. The Citizen was boring, just a Belgian Pale, but I find Belgian ales too sweet myself. The Golden Road was super boring. The gingerbread was there, but none of the stout, none of the body, none of the mouthfeel. Boring. 

The Hopwork Orange won name of the day, and also beer of the day. This is literally an orange juice IPA, like an IPA with orange juice in it. So much orange. I dunno. It was the best of the day, and I thought it was enjoyable, but I'm still skeptical of the trend of just dropping the fruit into the IPA. Get it from the hops!

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tropical IPA
Stone Enjoy By 2.14.16 Unfiltered IPA
Almanac Peach de Brettaville Sour

What an enjoyable day! Sent two trade boxes out and drank some very good beers that were fruity without being all 'fruit juice added.' El Dorado, Citra and El Dorado in that Tropical IPA is a good argument against making a mango IPA. This Enjoy By seemed like the more bitter more alcohol version of the ones that have come before. But, then you check the numbers, and you see that they've all been 9.4% ABV and what the hell is unfiltered except for a marketing word. Did you whirlpool it? 

Anyway, Almanac returned to the Super Tart sour with the Peach, but it was also full with peach taste. I think this new brewer there is being generous with the fruit and it might be good for the direction. This beer was turnt up in a lot of different directions -- funk, sour, fruit -- but not just all citrus/sour like some of their earlier sours. Maybe I'm just a sucker for Brett beers.

Alpine Duet IPA
Modern Times City of the Sun IPA
Sleepy Dog Red Rover Irish Ale

Some plans fell through, so I just rode that modest wave through the day on an easy schedule of beers I know are good and one I'll take a shot on at the end of the night. Y'all know all about Duet, and I think I've given that Modern Times fruit bomb City of the Sun some love before. The Red Rover was the best I'd had from Sleep Dog, but that's the extent of my notes, I don't love Irish Ales, and it didn't otherwise make a mark on me. 

Sante Adairius Lucybelle Saison
Ominpollo Bianca Mango Lassi
Hardywood Bourbon Barrel Aged Gingerbread Stout (2014)
Mikkeller Flat White Oatmeal Milk Stout

The first listing is a bit of a tease, I don't know if I actually even rated it. My friend accidentally drank one of the SA Saisons I accidentally left at his house, so he bought me another one and they (accidentally) didn't seal it right and it leaked in the back of his car forever soiling it, and it was flat when we drank it. But it tasted like a super citrus grapefruit saison, so with more fizz it might have been great. 

The next one was amazing. I think I'd have it again, but everyone else just arched an eyebrow at this one. It's a fruity gose, sure, but the lactose gives it a smoothness that makes it feel like honey tea. The only problem is that, once again, the spices come in on the tea front, and it actually tastes like mango honey salt tea breakfast beer. Which is sort of amazing, but also really weird. 

The next thing made everyone just nod at the candy. That Gingerbread Stout is the best version I've had of that kind of beer, and with the sweetness of  the aging, and the mellowing of the year in the bottle... it's liquid candy. I'ts so decadent. I can run with it (it being ABV, choco sweetness, the bourbon sweetness) when everything is cohesive like this one. 

Hey! Even the Mikkeller was fun. Just, it was a little flat, just as the name advertised. In affect, not fizz. It was a flat white milk stout. The other Beer Geeks are better, especially the one where the little rodent has eaten the chocolate and defecated it into your beer. 

Dogfish Head Higher Math Strong Ale
Alpine Duet

Thank god I had that Duet still around because I thought I was just do one beer on Monday, typically a sober day, but also not typically spent running after my children all day, and then the one beer I did have was disgusting. Chocolate, cherry, sour, strong ale -- the words are okay, by themselves. But when I actually encountered them in this beer, all I could do was wrinkle my nose. Hard. The sour cherry juice does not impart a sourness that you get from a sour beer. It tastes like a bad brandy "sour cherry" drink your grandpa liked, and it wrinkles your nose the way it did when you stole a taste back then. But now they've added chocolate turds. 17% ABV. SMDH. Poured this one out. 

Thank god I had that Duet still around. I might have turned my back on beer, otherwise.

(I would never turn my back on you, beer.)