Last Week's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, February 01, 2016

In quantity, you'll all have me this week. In quality, though? 






Maine Dinner IPA
Spiteful Brewing Working for the Weekend DIPA

When you haven't had a beer in six days, and then you crack a Maine Dinner, a beer that people wait in line for and trade unspeakable things for, that's a really rewarding popped cap. You're going to love that beer before you even drink it. 

That's not to say that Dinner is not an excellent beer. Oh my. I don't think I've smelled a more melon-forward IPA. It's like inhaling a melon through your nostrils if that wasn't an incredibly painful thing to do. It's like hanging out in a room full of citra hops while drinking a Main Lunch. You have that grapefruit citrus and pine on the inside, enveloped in melon wonder. This is a top beer for me, and I'm sorry I won't have it again for a long time. 

Yeah so after that melon wonderfall of Maine glory, of course I was going to have a letdown. Maybe the fruit bomb that came first killed some of the fruit in the Working for the Weekend, but all I got was that pine / citrus DIPA that we've been doing for a while. The exciting part of this beer, if there was one, was a sort of... spice thing going on. I'm not sure how to describe it. One rater said "wildflower", and that plus grassy might be what I'm talking about.

Decent, but couldn't stand up to one of the best ever. That's okay.


Lagunitas A Little Sumpin' Sumpin Ale
Other Half IPA
Tree House Sap IPA

Lagunitas has been sending this out again recently, and my wife didn't like it. But for me, wheat plus fruity pale is a winner. The wheat gives you mouthfeel, and the fruit makes it more interesting. Maybe the wheat gives the Sumpin' a little veggie feeling at some point that makes it only okay, but it's still a good beer by me. 

I was very excited for the idea of Other Half's beer as the center piece of the day, but underwhelmed by actuality of it. I have nothing to say about it. Nothing interesting happened. I didn't hate it, but nothing interesting happened. Tastes like a good IPA from 2010 or something. I felt bad when the brewery favorited my tepid review, but what can I do.

So I had to have a Tree House even though I'm hoping to invite friends over for the Super Bowl and have the other incredible New England beers my fridge is rocking. This was the least fruity Tree House I've had, but it nailed the name. A super pine bomb -- with that grass and mouthfeel that you get from all Tree House -- this one had enough fruit and sweet and citrus to keep it from being too one note, but all that pine still gave it a unique character among their beers. 

I traded Hardywood Barrel Aged Gingerbread Stout (2015), Russian River Temptation (2015), The Bruery/Maine Fourthmeal Belgian PA, Almanac Citra Sour, Modern Times City of the Sun, and Modern Times Comet Rider Brett Sour IPA for Maine Beer 1, Maine Dinner, Tree House Eureka (w/ mosaic), Tree House Sap, Other Half IPA, Other Half / Tired Hands Oat Overdose IPA and maybe another Tree House (two packages arrived while I was gone, my bad).

That was a fun trade, with more love to come for me.

Thanks to wiki commons user Albert Bridge for the header image.