Beer Chat -- 2/12/16

Eno Sarris, February 12, 2016

I drain poured one of my favorite beers last night. Not sure it's a top ten beer or anything, but I really like Mystic Mama from Jackie O's in Ohio. When I had it fresh, it was fruity and fresh. 

I didn't smell anything, so I checked the bottom of the can and it was canned in August. So sad. 

My New Years Resolution -- if I have one -- is not to waste calories on bad beer. Of course I know how that sounds. 

So: 1) When did you first do something that you could see other people would consider beer snobby and what was it? This is pretty definitive for me. Pouring out a beer because it's bad. Done it twice so far this year. 

and 2) If you're past that moment, what was the last beer you poured out? I've now poured this and a three-year old IPA I bought by mistake at Cost Plus Market. 

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