Beer Chat -- 2/26/16

Eno Sarris, February 26, 2016

If you put two descriptors together, the power of description is really pretty high if you ask me. Fresh and fruity. Big and dank. How about [region] plus [style], too, like Belgian Sour. About as powerful. 

Just thinking about these dark beers I'm having in Hawaii. A dark red Belgian (that's three!) Southern Cross from Hawai'i Nui, the chocolate Imperial red known as Red Sea of Cacao from Big Island Brewhaus, and a regular old Porter from Lanikai called Pillbox. These are awesome. Light but thick and full of taste. 

To the point they almost deserve their own two-word descriptor. Hawaiian darks are actually not as thick and strong and ridiculous as many of the double stouts. These three beers, at least, paint the picture of a medium ground between pale ales and stouts -- beers with thickness and malt and roasty toasty chocolate flavors, but without the syrupy alcohol thickness that sometimes makes double stouts difficult. 

San Diego Pale Ales
Belgian Sours
Northeast DIPA
German Lagers
Czech Pilsners

Welp. I guess Hawaiian Imperial Reds isn't going to make this list unless I'm not thinking of a ton of 'owned' styles and regions right now. 

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