Happy National Beer Day

Eno Sarris, April 07, 2016

We almost forgot about National Beer Day. 

Maybe that's because it's also National No Housework Day and National Coffee Cake Day and National SAAM Day of Action. Gotta be aware of sexual assault while eating your coffee cake without a plate and drinking a stout, as hard as that's going to be. 

Or maybe we forgot because yesterday was National Caramel Popcorn Day and National Student-Athlete Day and National Sorry Charlie Day and National Tartan Day and National Teflon Day and National Day of Walking and National Day of Hope for Childhelp. We were exhausted from popcorn walk and all the thinking and talking. 


But fret not if you can't imbibe. Ahead of us are still National All is Ours Day (April 8th), National Amaretto Day (April 19th), National Beverage Day (May 6), National Leave the Office Early Day (June 2), National Moonshine day (June 5), National Sour (Candy) Day (July 18), National Underwear Day (August 5), National IPA Day (August 6), National Just Because Day (August 27), National Shamu the Whale Day (September 26), National Drink Beer Day (September 28), National German-American Day (October 6), Sourest Day (October 25), National American Beer Day (October 27), National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day (November 19), National Tie One On Day (November 23), National International Ninja Day (December 5), and National Bacon Day (December 30) all look like good beer-drinking holidays to us. 

Or, you know, tomorrow or the next day. They're fine too.