Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, April 11, 2016

Ah the fierce normalcy of regular season baseball. Go to the beer store on Friday, drink the beers with every television in the house on to different baseball games over the course of the weekend. Bumgarner, Kershaw, Cueto, (Stripling,) Harvey, Velasquez, deGrom, Eickhoff, Doolittle: these are the mound men that made my weekend so awesomely banal.

Not unexceptional from a baseball standpoint -- there were walkoffs, rookie standouts, and ace performances -- but from a life standpoint. Should someone ask me what I did this weekend, just ah, nothing, some baseball and had some good beers.

It's great to have a boring weekend. 

Lagunitas Citrusinensis Pale Ale
Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

The Citrusinensis has all the elements I want from a first beer these days -- blood orange fruit sweetness, the promise of lightness from the labeled style, surely some hops bitterness -- but it didn't quite come together as I wanted. I found it a bit too syrupy. Which is weird for a pale ale, it should be fresh and bright. Were this beer just a little bit lighter, I could put it near the top of my favorite session-type beers. As it is, it was too sweet and syrupy for me to rush out and buy again. 

You could say the same for KBS. I liked it enough -- especially as it warmed and as my palate got used to the 12.4% alcohol -- but it was a bit too hot for me. Maybe a year from now, I'll love it, but I love aging Abyss and I'd take a fresh Abyss over this. Maybe the KBS is a bit more nuanced than the in your face slap that is a fresh Bourbon County Brand Stout, I'll give it that. But the same way the heat dominates the taste and makes it a little rough on first sample, KBS follows BCBS into the cellar for me. The rest will be had next year. 

Modern Times Orderville
Almanac Blackberry Sour

The Orderville is a dank Mosaic hopped IPA from one of my favorite California breweries. It's got a six-star smell, so fruity and fresh, makes you want to shampoo with it. Of course the taste was lesser. And we've talked about this before, so it's no surprise to hear me once again poo-poo the mosaic single-hop beer because of the vegetable / piss thing that happens in the boil. But I was thinking... what hop would you like to have for the body to combine with mosaic as your dry hop? I have more ideas later. 

The blackberry sour was consumed in a rush after a note about my children being in need of my presence at home. I remain encouraged about the addition of more fruit in the almanac sours as the new blender makes his presence known. 

Modern Times Booming Rollers
Hop Concept Galaxy & Comet

Booming Rollers is an amazing Citra single hop from Modern Times, and it made me wonder. What if you boil-hopped with citra and dry-hopped with mosaic? Would you get a dank but fresh, melon and stone fruit beer? Wouldn't that be amazing? Or is it too much fruit? The body of the Booming Rollers was great. Fresh and bright. Perhaps a little bit of mosaic in the boil could give a little dankness while keeping that citra brightness, and then it's all mosaic in the nose. Combine Orderville and Booming Rollers for me, please, Modern Times. Good? Thanks.

The Galaxy and Comet was, of course, intended to do exactly what I wanted. Galaxy has some of the citra melon to it, and the comet bittered that beer right up. The problem for me in this iteration of my dream IPA is that the bitter was too bitter. It's very bitter. It's very bitter in your first taste, and then somehow it gets more bitter as you drink.

Don't do my idea with Comet. That makes me think, too, that maybe citra and mosaic would be too fruity without enough bitterness. How about centennial or cascade along with mosaic?

Modern Times Hooloomooloo IPA
Drake's Black Label Hopocalypse Triple IPA

I had some other beers from the weekend, but these were the two noteworthy ones Sunday. Hooloomooloo might have been the best of the Modern Times of the weekend -- so much mango in the nose and then sweet grapefruit / orange in the taste that it was sort of like having the mosaic finish on a citra body. It was more than that. I really enjoyed this beer. You should go have it. 

The Triple IPA to finish the weekend? Ben Kabak was right when he said that most triple IPAs taste like malty sugar, but this one was fresh enough to add a brightness to the equation that made it more than just an alcohol bomb. Tasted like more than 10%, but it was a fitting end to the weekend. 

How did your weekend go?