Beer Chat -- 4/15/16

Eno Sarris, April 15, 2016

Yeasty is the word of the week. 

It's been a bad word in the past, for me, because I don't really love Belgian beers, and 'yeasty' is the best way for me to describe why. Those beers are sweet and cloying and yeasty to me, dubbels and tripels and quads. Too much alcohol taste sometimes, too, but also yeasty. Throw in Hefeweizens and you get the part of the beer map that I don't explore too much. 

So to discover that one of my favorite IPAs is, in essence, a yeast bomb... that was surprising. Perhaps the American hoppy bitterness and the juicy fruit citrus aspects of the balance it somehow. Maybe the grassiness separates it. Maybe it's the *type* of yeast -- this is actually my favorite internal argument, actually, that Belgian yeast strains just have some taste I don't like in them while these American hoppy yeast beers are using some 'cleaner' yeast that appeals to me more. 

In any case, I was glad to discover this fact about this beer. It clarifies part of the argument for me. Yes, these beers are yeasty, but for some reason I don't care! 

Now I want to find out what that reason is. 

Do you maybe not even care because you love yeasty styles? Is that part of the reason these beers are popular? Are they the true Belgian/American crossover beers? Aren't we making this more fun, and not less, by uncovering specifics? 

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