Beer Chat -- 4/22/16

Eno Sarris, April 22, 2016

Breweries should be required to release all beers first as bombers before going to sixers. I mean, I'm super surprised when they skip that step anyway, considering what brewers have told me: big beer's biggest advantage is on the six pack. Small breweries can't meet the price point and people don't want to spend big on a sixer. 

So it's not a *real* problem for a craft beer hunter, but every once in a while it happens. 

I'll write more about the beer Monday, but I just bought a sixer of the Waldo's from Lagunitas. It's basically Brown Shugga at 11%. I'm fine with one. A bomber would be great. I have five more! 

This one should be easy enough to knock out and add as extras into beer packages. People won't be counting on them, and they'll get a try of a quad IPA if they like.

Just one little bottle though.

Any beers you'd like to see in sixers?

The Week in BeerGraphs

I drank a lot of Fieldwork.

Casey McLain talks with a 21st Amendment rep -- and friend -- on his way back to Georgia. 

Brewer's Association revamps (useless) style guidelines.

The best new beers so far this year are pretty much all milkshake IPAs.