Beer Chat -- 4/29/16

Eno Sarris, April 29, 2016

I love trading. Isn't it just a little sad, though? 

Tomorrow, I will go to Fieldwork Brewing and I will buy some crowlers. I will put down my money, get that beer, and then take it home, put it in the fridge, and send it away next week. 

I know, I know, there's plenty of fun coming in a box. But that seems so far away when you're buying that beer and not drinking it. You almost want to shed a tear. Even if you buy some for yourself, signing that bill is painful. 

But I got some Grimm Tesseract coming so I should shut the heck up, I guess. I'll focus on that. 

Any beers coming in a trade that you're focusing on? 

The Week in BeerGraphs

We were all very regional in our drinking last weekend. 

Big Beer had a plan in 1996. It's still implementing it now. 

The beer listicle is tough!