Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, May 02, 2016

Had some good beers this weekend. Had one beer that threatened to be the best beer I've ever had. That's pretty awesome, and it sorta overshadows the beers you have otherwise. 

Marin Brewing Mt. Tam Pale Ale

This is underrated. Nobody rates it that highly! 3.54 average stars on Untappd. Average beer in style, not even a full beer win (0.89 BAR). Totally underrated. Drinks floral, fruity, and fresh, which is a great combo. Has more of a malt backbone than some of what's going on, but if you do all of the tastes, malt is fine, too. I'm going to do some throw-ins / extras of this in my coming trades. A sixpack I don't rue. 

Rare Barrel Tessellate Hoppy Saison
Fieldwork Sour Diesel Saison

I did not like these beers. The tessellate had an oily slick mouthfeel that wasn't broken up enough by the hops. Something there did not work out. My first Rare Barrel dud, honestly, and it was followed up by my own first real dud at Fieldwork. I like sours. Sour diesel, sure. Something about this one made my nose crinkle in a bad way. Didn't finish. 

Fieldwork Daypack Pale Ale 
Elysian Dayglow IPA
Deschutes Abyss Rye Whiskey Barrel (2015)

The Daypack is excellent, a session pale ale with taste. Enough nose and bitterness. With a bit more fruit, could rival / beat Easy Jack. Still really good. Alex Tweet, the brewer at Fieldwork, absolutely kills it on soiffable fruity but dry IPAs, if you ask me.

Dayglow is worth trying out, now that you'll see it in your local Safeway. A big mosaic bomb. Wife said "They should serve this thing in shot glasses" as we drank it out of eight ounce glasses. I didn't serve her any of the Abyss. 

HO. LEE. CRAP. This is maybe the perfect beer. I mean, at least my favorite dark beer so far. The rye really makes sense on this version of the Abyss. I wish I could have the patience to age this, but you don't need to -- it comes out of the bottle with none of the heat of the 13% ABV. It's all dark licorice cherries, with just enough burn (you wouldn't even really call it burn), and rye chocolate barrel finish. This beer makes me want to write more words about it! I want to write great odes! This is worth trying very hard to go get. I've been in love with Abyss over the years, and this makes me in lust with it. I want to try all the variants now. I laughed about the beer while I was drinking it. So fucking smooth. Gave it The Look as I put the glass down at least three times.

Fieldwork Ascender IPA
Fieldwork Torrential DIPA

This is another great -- clear -- bright and fruity Fieldwork IPA that you could drink for years. I've been disappointed by some of their beers, but almost never by a pale ale. Call this a red grapefruit. For the DIPA, I'd go somehwere along the lines of Fresh Squeezed again -- just danker and more fruity than Ascender. 

Did you have an amazing beer this weekend? A really good one?