Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, May 23, 2016

I went back to school for the weekend. An Alumni event in which professors were invited to tell us about what they were up to, in an effort to keep us connected with the University. 

It was kind of amazing. I learned about how Stanford professor Jeremy Bailensen -- whom I once interviewed about virtual reality for a story I never wrote -- is using VR to teach people about global warming.

I learned about another professor that has developed a microscope that you can fold together out of paper that costs a mere 50 cents to produce and has created a network of amateur microscopy that spans the globe. 

I learned about advancements in telescopy, how we are using  and how we might be able to directly see an Earth-sized planet in the next ten years. I learned about good ways to deal with failure -- celebrate it -- and also about Benjamin Franklin's social networks. 

And then we had some drinks on the quad. But the best part was the learning. 

Logsdon Fresh Hop Seizoen

Logsdon saisons are really nice, and can run the range from dank and funky to fresh and bright. This one was more on the lemony pepper bright side, thanks to the fresh hops. You're going to see more of them since they just took on some investment and are increasing distribution, and you should try their beers. 

Cellarmaker Part Time Lover
Cellarmaker Mo Nelson
Almanac / City Beer Store Tangerine de Brettavile
Drake's Hopocalypse Red Label IPA

Cellarmaker is the bomb. Part Time lover was equal parts fresh and fruity and grassy and thick and bright, which is such a trick to pull. Yes, it was mostly opaque. What are you going to do. Say, no, thanks, I don't like good tasting beers because they look a little like a hefe? Sorry, nah. Five-star beer there. 

The Mo Nelson is more traditional in appearance and taste, but it's still a nice bright Nelson beer, even if it doesn't have that same grassy taste and thick mouthfeel. It's good that they have this beer, though, if only to prove that they can make great beers in both the old school and new school styles. 

The Tangerine de Brettaville might be my favorite of the series, and it was brewed for City Beer Store's anniversary, so that's fun. I had that and the Drake's Red Label at CBS and had no complaints. Not sure the $24 fried chicken was worth $24, but some times you gotta feel a little decadence, have a great tangerine sour, and finish it off with a Nugget Nectar clone. 

The Rare Barrel Afterlight Dark Sour

At CBS, a reader spotted me and did the unthinkable -- went home and got me a beer. What an amazing thing. Especially since the beer was a great woody thick dark sour from The Rare Barrel's Ambassador collection. Man, I got to join that club. This was really excellent even without a real strong fruit presence. Just a great woody dark sour. 

Stillwater Gose Gone Wild
Cellarmaker Part Time Lover
The Hops Project Dank & Sticky

Yes. Gose Gone Wild is a national-class beer. Lemon, honey, herbs and then a tart and bright finish that makes you want to keep drinking. I did give it a 4.75, maybe because I wondered a little what it would taste like if it was just a touch less sweet. My dad scoffed at the drink, and my mom would hate it, and with that name, and those reactions, this is about as rock star as 4.3% ABV can get. 

Took the Part Time Lover home, wife didn't like it, said it was too much. 

But Dank & Sticky was just too much bitter, too much yesterday, not enough tomorrow. 

What was your favorite this weekend?