Last Week's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, May 31, 2016

A long weekend, with two toddlers, is a lot less relaxing than without two toddlers. Every day is a frigging marathon, complete with the dribbling snot and the incontinence. We managed to go to the acquarium, the museum, the beach, and the back yard, though, so we did well. 

By beer? Yeah we did that too. 

Marin White Knuckle DIPA

I love Marin Brewing. Their Mt. Tam and Three Flowers IPAs are great. This session with White Knuckle was also better than the last one I'd had, since it tasted fresher. I got some nice floral fresh notes. But this isn't my favorite from them. Super malty and sweet and old school at heart. 

Grimm Psychokenisis Sour
Drake's 8/80 DIPA

The Psychokenisis came with me to Fieldwork, where I enjoyed the beer with one of my favorite brewers. The beer was a nice dry-hopped sour with melon and lemon on top of a super tart offering that could go toe to toe with any sour in America. There was a slight piss taste to it -- Mosaic is a love and a hate for me at this point -- but there was enough fullness to the beer that the piss didn't take all the goodness away. 

I had the Drake's as I stopped in on the way home from the ballgame, so I dunno. Just a taster on the run. I don't even see it on Untappd. This one had some guava in it, I think, so maybe it was Triplicity. Who knows. I thought it was okay. Tropical fruity but missing some brightness to pull it all together. 

Fieldwork Misfit Stream IPA

We went to the acquarium and the museum on Saturday, so it wasn't a big drinking day. Cracked a Misfit when I got home, a crowler all to myself. It was really nice. Stone fruit, but also bright and fresh -- really this is what Fieldwork is when it's at its best. Drinkable and interesting. 

Fieldwork Coconut Milk DIPA
Omnipollo Fatamorgana DIPA
Almanac & City Beer Store Tropical Platypus Sour
Gun Hill Void of Light Stout

At the beach the next day, we broke out another DIPA from Fieldwork and it was a lesson in patience. The first time I had this beer, I hated it. It was too much coconut. This time, they added some citra and dialed back the coconut just a bit, and it was a fuller DIPA that smelled of coconut but didn't taste like a pina colada. I'm sending one of these out in a trade and feel good about it. 

The Fatamorgana was a bit boring after having my mind blown by the Coconut Milk. Fresh and bright and lemon, that's fine, but citrus and bitter together makes the whole thing sharp. No stone fruit wholeness to round the thing out. Sharp and fresh works on the beach though. 

When we got back, had my second helping of the Platypus in the last week. When I opened it, the kitchen smelled of fruit. Kiwi, mango, lime, and passion fruit -- are you kidding me? It might be their best, and that's saying something. So much fruit, so many different angles of sharpness and and smoothness, fullness and brightness. The smell is so pungent it sticks with you the entire time you drink it. 

We then watched Game of Thrones and I was underwhelmed by the show as well as the Void of Light stout from Gun Hill. Both were thin and unsatisfying. All the notes were there in both the show and the beer, but not enough thickness of intent and execution. With Gun Hill, I had nothing to compare it back to, so you can't even really blame it on expectations. I did expect more of the show, though. Sometimes you have to keep people going until the next show. 

Goose Island Sofie Farmhouse
Coronado Sock Knocker DIPA
New World Deliverance DIPA
Sierra Nevada & City Beer Store 10th Anniversary Ale

The Sofie is too sweet. I like my farmhouses more dry and bitter.

The Sock Knocker might be my favorite Coronado to date. Like the Coconut Milk, this was a testament to giving brewers a second chance. Coronado's main brews have often struck me like the flagship pales from Deschutes and New Belgium -- dusty, piny, ambery and old-school. But the Sock Knocker was so floral and sweet that it combatted that dustiness. Much like Fresh Squeezed made me look at Deschutes in a different way, this beer has bought a few Coronado a few more appearances in my beer fridge. 

The New World? Had never had them before. There was some floral loveliness to it, and I didn't hate it, but the syrupy sweetness along with a strong presence of alcohol made it a much less interesting double IPA than I'd hoped.

One more City Beer Store collabo before we called it a weekend. The stout was was inspired by New Orleans iced coffee, so I had high expectations. Brewed with lactose, chicory, and coffee before spending six months in bourbon barrels, it came through. A sweet milk stout with plus mouthfeel, great wood and choco coffee flavor, and a decent finish, I enjoyed every sip of this one. Maybe there was a whiff of soy to it, but that's fine. It happens. Everything else was there. 

And really everything was there this weekend. Family fun, catching up with old friends, smart cultural activities, outdoor leisure, and great beer. 

Hope it was the same for you!