Picking Two Places to Drink in New York City

Eno Sarris, June 07, 2016

I'm headed to New York city in a couple weeks, and it's been a while since I've returned. I lived there for seven years and I miss it terribly. For some stupid reason, I only planned to be there for four days. So I need to pick two places to drink.

Okay, that's not quite fair. I'll be running a baseball and beer meetup at Rattle N Hum West on Saturday June 18, and I hope you come. If you're a blogger or brewer and want to be listed on the announcement like this, please tell me! Either way, come and seek me out and we can shake hands over a delicious craft beverage. 

I'm also trying to put together 'office hours' for my close friends, a happy hour at The Ginger Man Friday afternoon at three. So I'll get to check out this ridiculously long tap list that currently has four or five beers non it that I would like to drink. I reserve the right to change my mind on this one, so maybe I can pick three places. But the Ginger Man is good. 

Sunday is for baseball in Staten Island. Thursday night looks like it might be baseball in Queens. Citi has good beer, we know. From the yelp page, it looks like at least some hyper local beers will be available in Staten Island. 

You know, this might be enough, but I will have some free time Friday night and Sunday afternoon/evening, and if I drink plenty of water, don't drink for a week before I go to New York, eat well, and get my sleep, I think I can add two or three more stops to my bender, with a preference for places that are close to or at least accessible to the southern part of Manhattan. 

One place I looked was this excellent post over at Brew York about outdoor places to drink in New York. It's a bookmark now, but I'm going to pick one spot. 

The one sadness about my time in New York was that I always worked in Jersey and could never live in Brooklyn. I did spend a ton of time there, and even though it's the butt of jokes about pet peacocks and ornate facial hair, I really loved the place. And Fort Greene was my favorite spot. 

The park in Fort Greene is a nexus for many different types. I used to frequent a party on Sunday afternoons that depicted that nexus well: there was electronic music, sweating young people dancing, homebrewers selling craft beer, craft sodas for sale, and a fair amount of families grilling their sunday picnics -- often also selling delicious barbecue and watermelon. One part family, one part disco. 

I'm sure that the passage of time and money may have robbed the neighborhood of some its classic culture, but I'm also sure that it'll still be a beautiful corner of Brooklyn, with shady, tree-lined streets, good food, and good drink. So I'm going to try and check out Cardiff Giant on Myrtle Hill. They specialize in local beers and have a great looking back yard that reminds me v much of Brooklyn. 

Perhaps someone will venture out for some night time back yard drinking with me Friday night. 

While I'm in New York, I'll have to go to a brewery or two, though. 

After reading Michael Donato's chapter in the upcoming Craft Beer Lover's Guide to Baseball, I'm thinking it's SingleCut that I want to visit most of all. Unfortunately, it's way at the end of the NQ at the tip of Astoria, so I'll have to have a backup plan if nobody wants to make the trek with me. 

I'll be eating Friday night in Red Hook, so I'll have two options very close that I'll have to decide between. Sixpoint is the classic incumbent, and Other Half is the upstart with buzz. Here's the thing... I've had maybe four Other Half beers and half of them were okay, and one was a collaboration with Arizona Wilderness. And Other Half will be packed, I'm sure. And I do like Sixpoint. I'll call this a tie, and maybe I can do both if I have a wingperson Friday night. EDIT: No tasting room at Sixpoint? Amazing. I just assumed. Makes the choice easier! 

We've probably figured out my three... but that's a funny word. I'll be close to Threes Brewing either Friday night or Sunday if I go to Fort Greene. They make fun beers like Superf*ckingyawn and make top 20 lists, and the reviews are mostly great. The best part is, if I have someone willing to go to a bar, but not in love with craft, Threes has a diverse list of offerings. 

That settles it. Cardiff Giant, Threes, and Other Half. Maybe no Giant if things get hairy.

Wait. Things will most definitely get hairy.