Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, June 06, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a dinner party and brought like seven bombers to do a tasting. 

This weekend, I went to the same house for a child's birthday and brought no beer. 

This weekend, I also had people with kids over and had a lucky shipment come in that didn't fit the occasion but was great anyway. They got to try some sours, they got lucky.

We need a beer guide to events, like how much should I bring and spend for each occasion, but for beer. 

Founder's Mosaic Promise Pale Ale

This felt a little overcarbonated maybe. Those bubbles did help break up some of the Mosaic vegetable, but not all of it. Still a decent fruity pale session that I enjoyed well enough all weekend. 

Ninkasi Beer Run IPA
Modern Times Booming Rollers IPA

The Beer Run was fun. I celebrated a day home from the park, since the Giants and A's weren't home this Friday, and Ninkasi's beer was floral and spicy, a nice combo that isn't done a ton. It's not Brett spicy, but just so floral and maybe citrus spice that made it fresh and tingly. 

I thought the Booming Rollers was the best beer nobody is talking about but I guess everyone is talking about the fruity bright citra IPA, so I'll just settle down and call this Modern Times beer underrated. Correctly rating it would have it among the best in the world.

Mendocino Red Tail Amber Ale

Elysian The Immortal IPA

This is what happens when you don't bring beer to a party. Which is fine, I used to love this beer, but it's not the same or I'm not the same. Now it's just another Fat Tire Amber -- dusty, bitter, and boring. Still has a place in my heart if not my fridge. 

Then you go home and make another bad decision and suddenly you've had a bad beer day. It's fine, it's nobody's fault, you love your friends and your wife and yourself that had those beers on stock, but you happened to fill a day with bad beer. Because this beer was so boring. Oh so boring. I don't want to spend another word on it. 

Calicraft Citra Gose
Funkwerks Tropic King Saison
The Libertine Authenic SLO Wild Ale
Crooked Stave Nightmare on Brett w/ Cherry
Crooked Stave Notturna Blueberry Sour

Had friends over, and the brother in law, so it was a sour day. In a good way. 

The Citra Gose was nice and light and refreshing, more freshing than some of these oversweet pilsners and super dank saisons even, since it has that Gose finish. This one was even easier to drink because the citra calmed it down, but I'd have put more Citra in, I think. Not quite fruity enough. More club soda than San Pelegrino Blood Orange. 

The Funkwerks Saison is one of those super duper dank saisons, but this one has some fruity Rakau hops in it. Makes it blanket you before the fruity peppery finish. I think I liked this more the first few times I had it, so I don't know what's going on with that. Still, I'd recommend it, just not sure it can battle the sours and fresher saisons as well as I used to. 

Had a ton of great sours in a row. 

The Libertine was really really great. Not as thick as other brett beers, this sour saison was refreshing and lemony and upbeat. A touch of wood and some thickness, of course, but had that great combo of enough mouthfeel and seriousness to pair with light and citrusy notes that makes the best sour Brett beers so attractive. 

Speaking of Brett, Crooked Stave. The first, the Nightmare, was one of the best sours I've ever had. The Leopold Whiskey Barrel aged cherry Sour was thick and big and fruity and just sour enough to tie that all up in a knot so that you want to take another sip. We had a friend calling it vinegar in the group. Love her, but a simarity doesn't destroy a thing for me. Some beers taste kind of like piss and are great. 

The second one sucked. It was way too sweet, way too sour, too soon, too bubbly, too intense, too acidic, too puckery, too much. Too much. 

Even on a relaxed, lower budget beer weekend, I had some top shelf stuff. Hope you did, too.