Beer On My Shirt: An Abridged List Of Recent Calamities

J.R. Shirt, June 30, 2016

What follows, for no other purpose than your reading pleasure, is a brief summary of the author's recent calamities. It is by no means a comprehensive list. Following that is the review of a delicious beer. 

1. I forgot to take my allergy medicine two days in a row. It will be days before I return to pre-forgetting levels of watery eyes.

2. The other day I put milk in my coffee instead of light cream. Nothing ever works out for me.

3. Two weeks ago, I burnt my left hand picking up a hot skillet that had been in the oven. Five days ago I swam in a salt water pool. This caused the burnt skin to puff up. I ignored it and it seemed to go back down. Then four days ago, I played wiffleball and the wooden handle of the very fancy wiffleball bat caused that same skin to start to rip and tear, revealing very tender new skin underneath, which affected my grip on the bat, which affected my swing. I've had a sore oblique ever since.

4. Back to that time I burnt my hand on the hot skillet: After I set the very hot pan back on the stove top, my first reaction was to throw the wooden spoon I had in my other hand through the closed kitchen window. How long until I can trust myself again? 

5. Sure, I missed the window, but that only further proves that my actions in this world are either completely ineffective or simply out of my control. If pain is proof that I exist, then I certainly exist. The question is why?

6. Yesterday, I dropped a grilled spear of green squash on the patio. I thought my dog would eat it. She didn't. Moments later, I stepped on it. My patio and lucky grilling sneakers are ruined.

7. Later that night, the SMART TV we keep in the bedroom shit the bed. The easy joke is that now I need a new TV and a new bed. The reality is that I don't dream anymore.

Turbo Nerd, Sole Artisanal Ales (7.5% ABV)

Before I get into details about the appearance, let me first say I drank many of these Turbo Nerds back in late April, about a week after they were canned, and so the tasting notes are coming straight from my little beer notebook. Second, Sole's most recent canning effort, Simcoe Nerd, is a single hopped version of Turbo Nerd. Drink some Simcoe Nerd if you can. I have yet to have the opportunity. Turbo Nerd, by the way, is brewed with Azacca and Simcoe hops. 


Golden, hazey orange, with a touch of a brown. Not juicer level haze though. A white, airy head that dissipates quickly. 


Orange and grapefruit and tropical flavored chewing gum with some notes of peppery rind.


The taste follows and maintains all the citrus juiciness that the aroma previewed. I like when an aroma and flavor match so well. The taste offers more of a peppery grass rather than rind bitterness, but the rind stuff still gives a hint in the finish. The tropical fruit flavors start to really get noticed about halfway down. Great mix of delicious elements of orange and grass and tropical. 


It's maybe a bit thin. Or maybe it's perfect to present the flavors in a way that is delicate yet powerful. But now that I'm thinking, maybe it's the flavors that are a bit thin in the finish and not the feel but I still kinda think it's the feel. I can't be sure other than I know I'm enjoying it regardless.


I'm not sure how this stacks up against some the greats of the NEIPA world that you hear so much about, but it's delicious and I am happy to be drinking it. 

JR Shirt is the host of the Drinking With Shirt podcast. Follow on Twitter and Untappd @beeronmyshirt.