Stats from My Chat Beer Recommendations

Eno Sarris, August 30, 2016

I chat twice a week, really. Here on Fridays, and over at FanGraphs on Thursdays.

The chat at FanGraphs is purportedly a baseball chat, but plucky reader Michael Sixel copied all of the beer recs I've made during that baseball chat this year and put them into one document. I've linked to that document as a google doc here, if you've got a few hours to burn or want to control-f for some specific regions or beers or breweries. 

But I thought it would be fun to highlight the breweries and styles that I recommended the most. These are chats, so the questions do direct my attention. I don't necessarily think Crux is the best brewery on the planet, but I get a lot of questions about Oregon beer for some reason. If it's the reason I think, we should fix that bug on our leaderboards soon. 

First, I made a word cloud by trying to only include only words that were interesting. Turns out I like Half Acre, and IPAs and Modern Times.

That's just fun to look at. 

But the word cloud generator also helpfully counted up all the mentions of breweries so that I might give you an idea of the breweries I talk about most. Here is that, in leaderboard format. (If it seems wonky that a beer got more mentions than its brewery, that's probably because I don't always chat up the full brewery and beer name every time I mention a beer -- Easy Jack is Easy Jack.)

Breweries Mentions Beers Mentions
Modern Times 10 Firestone Walker Easy Jack 11
Maine Beer 9 Alpine Nelson 9
Half Acre 7 Ballast Point Sculpin 7
Holy Mountain 7 Treehouse Julius 6
Cloudburst 7 Deschutes Abyss 6
Night Shift 7 Modern Times Booming Rollers 5
Tree House 7 Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin 5
Threes 7 Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin 5
Crooked Stave 6 Tree House Green 5
Cellarmaker 6 North Coast Old Rasputin 4
Singlecut 6 Pipeworks Ninja vs Unicorn 4
Deschutes 6 Bell's Hopslam 4
Firestone Walker 6 Goose Island Halia 4
Allagash 6 Cellarmaker Dobis 4
Trillium 6 Lagunitas Sucks 4
Cascade 6 Three Floyds Zombie Dust 4
Elysian 6    
Goose Island 6    
Sierra Nevada 5    
Funkwerks 5    
Lagunitas 5    
Boneyard 5    
Almanac 5    
Crux 5    
AleSmith 4    
Victory 4    
Grimm 4    
Rare Barrel 4    
Russian River 4    

I make recommendations a lot in my business, and I rarely track them. I love all the breweries I've written about below, but it's actually very interesting to see what my readers are asking me about, and who I look like I'm representing. It's always good to check the stats, even on yourself, even when it tells you that you know yourself decently.

And I'll have you know I only wrote 'crushable' once.