Don't Call it a Man Can

Eno Sarris, August 25, 2016

I know the name rhymes, but there's no need to call this thing a 'man can.' Women get marginalized in the craft beer world enough, and anyway that name makes me think of going to the bathroom. Maybe by the end of this review, I'll come up with something better than "Pressurized Growler," but that will do for now. 

Before I used this thing, I was concerned by Amazon reviews citing mismatched parts, oozing sealant, and generally poor construction. I didn't see any of that before I started using the thing, but I figured something might come up later.

It hasn't. The one I got from Growlerwerks still looks bright and shiny and gold/silver and beautiful. Like the picture in the header. Looks like $139 dollars, though this was a gift, and probably will be for you considering the upcoming season and how families with craft beer lovers work. 

I used it at Faction -- which was a brewery great enough to get its own writeup -- and though the bartenders had seen it, others in line hadn't. They struck up conversation, and we talked mostly about that last fifth of the growler that's left if you're going at it alone. Do you just down it and worry about the morning in the morning? You know you can't save it. With this, though, you could save it, and maybe even not have that last little bit *before* the last little bit.

After the brewer filled my growler with beautiful Noslen IPA, I popped the CO2 canister in the top and tightened the top. I turned the CO2 on with the thing on the top, but the pressure meter at the bottom didn't really change. I didn't know if it was working or not. This interaction with the CO2 was the only part of the process I didn't love.  

Hours later, I brought the still-cold Pressurized Growler (PG?) out of the fridge and my buddy opened it up for our pints. 

It was a bit foamy at first:

But that can happen with any growler, so I wasn't sure if that was because of the CO2. (It could have been, since I turned it on early.) I did enjoy the solid stream, and then I noticed that the pressure meter had jumped to half way. I turned up the CO2 some because I thought I had to. 

The beer was excellent that day. We didn't finish it all, on purpose, and also because we all had small children and those small children have rendered us into ninnys. 

Two days later, I tapped the thing again with my wife. Here's the first beer I had out of the Pressurized Growler (Press Grow?) two days later. Excellent head. 

I don't really have any substantial complaints, even though the canister was done before I was finished pouring on the last day, mostly because I realized that a) those canisters are fairly cheap on Amazon and b) you conserve the CO2 if you don't turn it on right away (it's pressurized from the beginning and you haven't tapped it) and if you slowly ramp up the CO2 as you drink more, aiming for a low but registering level of pressure on the meter. That's not too complicated. 

For your trouble, you get great beer all weekend, on your own schedule. Straight from the Pressurized Growler. Let's call it a Tap Can since we didn't do any better.