The Best New Beers of July & August

Eno Sarris, September 08, 2016

Let's check the best new beers of the last two months! 

I haven't had any of these beers. Have you? 

Brewery Beer BAR Style+
Trillium Cutting Tiles 6.2 112
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Oktoberfest (2016) Mahrs Brau 5.8 131
Jack's Abby Brewing Beer Geek Helles 5.0 124
Hill Farmstead Brewery Karma Emulsion 4.4 113
Tallgrass Brewing Company Key Lime Pie 4.3 121
Trillium Stillings Street 4.1 113
Modern Times Beer Attack Frequency 4.0 110
Other Half Brewing Debbie Downer 3.8 110
The Veil Brewing Co. Eternal Shredder 3.7 108
Almanac Beer Co. Lavender Honey De Brettaville 3.7 108
Other Half Brewing Motueka/Galaxy 3.6 107
The Veil Brewing Co. Lord Lord Shredder Shredder 3.6 111
Epic Brewing Company Thor 3.5 110
Grimm Artisanal Ales Catch Wave 3.3 109
Tired Hands Brewing Company Technicolor Splendor 3.2 106
Funky Buddha Sticky Treats 3.1 113
Modern Times Beer Accumulated Knowledge 3.1 107
Sole Artisan Ales Giant Juicebox 2.7 105
Trillium Outside The Lines 2.6 103
BrewDog Live Dead Pony Club 2.3 105

I'll have the Sierra Nevada, I try it every year, and it's barely a new beer anyway. We try to scrub this for seasonals and variants so that these are truly new beers, so maybe I should have taken that off. But it seems like a new beer and I'll try it. 

I'm surprised I haven't had the Modern Times, but maybe those were local releases? I'll probably find the Almanac, that's local to the Bay Area. The rest are regular East Coast offerings but still tough to get. Maybe I'll get one in a trade if it's still around.

There's a decent amount of 'juicy' IPAs on this list, but the unattainability of these beers strikes me the most. They're so ephemeral. Local, small releases that are here today, gone tomorrow. 

Eventually some of these will be bottled and will make their way up the leaderboard, but it all seems a bit much to keep on top of, even for someone that tries to keep on top of it. 

Can you get any of these beers? Have you had any? What does this mean for the industry?