Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, October 10, 2016

Kids are exponential not additive. You have a second kid, you square the stuff in your life, you square the tiredness, you square the crying. Invite two toddler cousins over, you're not at four times one kid. You've squared the square. You're toast. 

In an effort to shave some gut, I've been day drinking less. It was easy this weekend. 

Stone Enjoy By 10/31/16 Tangerine IPA

I'd call this one sweet and thick, but it's not syrupy thick. It's funky thick. Loaded with mouthfeel in the middle, this beer is all citrus at the beginning and end though, and that helps it from getting too thick. Glad I got two of this because it's very enjoyable even if it's not the easiest, lightest drink. 

Almanac Simcoe Sour
Tioga-Sequoia Sugar Pine Coco Vanilla Porter

Simcoe is known for pine, but the base sour blonde that Almanac uses has some tropical qualities to it, so when you pair the two, you actually get a very complex taste for a beer so sour. It's still nigh enamel-stripping, but when you're pairing pineapple and pine, it's not going to be boring while puckering. You'll even get some grapes and the feeling of a dry riesling. Oh so sour. 

I've left this beer in the back of my fridge for a long time, and there was nobody around to split my better crowlers and bombers, so I figured if it sucked, I wouldn't finish it and nobody would get hurt. It sucked, I didn't finish it, and nobody got hurt. I've liked some of their IPAs and Triple IPAs in the past, but this one tasted of dirt and vanilla, with very little roasty toasty choco thickness. I mean it wasn't as bad as 'vanilla dirt water' sounds, I still had about half the bomber, but I wouldn't recommend it, and that description does a good job of telling you why. 

Fieldwork Fog Ripper Sour
Fieldwork PULP NEIPA

Brother in law was over on Saturday so we opened the crowlers and got the barbecue going. The Fog Ripper was maybe a quarter as sour as the Almanac, but it had so much fruit -- so much guava in this case -- that it became more of a tart easy drinking light cocktail than a beer you'd put up against an Almanac sour. It's okay, just like with major league pitching, there are many different ways to a good sour. 

ALL OF THE PULP ALL OF THE CAPS ALL OF THE TIME. I'm a big fan of this beer. I'd put it up against Cellarmaker's Dobis as the best NEIPA I've had from a West Coast brewery... it might win. It's less thick than Dobis, and so the grassy, fruity, citra melon/stone fruit/citrus combination really shines. This could be a 'put it in my veins' pipeline desert island beer for me. I'd say it's my favorite local beer I've had this year. 

Ballast Point Sculpin IPA
DC Brau On The Wings of Armageddon DIPA

Sculpin at a regular old grilled cheese and hot dog place, although maybe that sort of thing doesn't exist any more. I mean, I was having Ahi Poke Tacos, so... Sculpin made sense. I had a taste of an Eight Bridges pale ale and wasn't impressed but I don't know which one it was so I won't denigrate their name. The Sculpin was much more floral and citrus and refreshing. For a few moments I didn't hear all four toddlers screaming in my ear at once. They were there, I just didn't hear them. 

Then the little shits went to bed and I had a few moments to watch politics and sports and Westworld and why did I even did the first two things I dunno. No idea. At least I had one last good beer in my hand. Interesting to me was how malty this beer was. I felt it was almost like an old school west coast IPA. Since it was a DIPA, perhaps the point was to turn up the malt to help cover the alcohol (9.2%), which, that succeeded. And they hopped the crap out of it -- lots of pine and floral notes to help smooth out the malts. I see that they have a Belgianized version of this beer, which is interesting, because I thought the one I drank had some Belgian qualities. Maybe the yeast? 

Any weekend you have one of your favorite beers of the year, especially this late in the year, is a good one. Even if you have to use the beer as ear plugs.