Book Review: Goodnight Brew

Michael Donato, December 07, 2016

Goodnight Moon is a childrens book. Goodnight Brew is a parody. It’s a pitcher book for grown-ups. It’s written by someone most of us are well acquainted with: Ann E. Briated.

Despite the alcoholic topic, it’s still a rhyming book with pictures and animals that can still be entertaining for children. Especially early on when reading to your child is really just about them hearing your voice. It’s a well thought out book too--it’s not just about using beer words instead of the original, but creates characters and is true to the brewing process.

There’s a hops wildebeest. There’s a baritone brewer who of course has a mustache. What brewer doesn’t?

They refer to a few styles of beer in the book. Chocolate Stout, IPA, Saison, Wheat, Porter, Stout, and Bock.

The last few pages even go into the basic process of brewing. This part’s probably boring if you read it to kids though, “After fermenting, beer spends time in a conditioning tank to allow..”, but maybe that helps lull them to sleep. Whatever works!

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