BeerGraphs Meetup Oct. 1 in San Francisco

Eno Sarris, October 01, 2013

Maybe you can't get enough baseball. Maybe you want to mourn the Giants' season. Maybe you're a West Coast yinzer! Maybe you just love Joey Votto. Or maybe you want to drink good beer and talk beer or baseball with the FanGraphs and BeerGraphs crew. We might even have an unlisted guest or two show up.

Public House, San Francisco, 4-9pm PT (Time subject to change due to schedule.)

Eno Sarris (FanGraphs/BeerGraphs)
Matt Hunter (FanGraphs/BeerGraphs)
Wendy Thurm (FanGraphs)
Steve Berman (Bay Area Sports Guy)
Carmen Kiew (Bay Area Sports Guy)
King Kaufman (Bleacher Report)
Erik Malinowski (Buzzfeed Sports)
Eric Freeman (The Classical)
Noah Jackson (First Base Foundation, former scout)
Daniel Zarchy (Giants Pod)
Patrick Newman (NPBTracker)
Jeff McClure (Drake's Brewing)
Owen Poindexter (BeerGraphs)
Jen Rizzo (BeerGraphs)