The Beer Release Roundup, 11/1/2013

Blake Smith, November 01, 2013
  1. To inaugruate their Tulsa tasting room, Prairie Artisan Ales released Prairie Weiss, a sour wheat beer.
  2. Love Clown Shoe's Vampire Slayer, me too, except Vampire Slayer is no more. Meet Undead Party Crasher (smoked imperial stout). Nothing has really changed, just the name. The link above explains why (much better than I ever could).
  3. I've still yet to try Victory Brewing's Dirt Wolf, but I've heard nothing but good things. I'm interested to see where it land's when it becomes available on our leaderboard. Hop Ranch also by Victory, has a similar history to Dirtwolf, but a different profile altogether.
  4. I love beer. But Bruce Springsteen? Not so much. Anyway, you will probably love this collabo from Mikkeller/Prairie Arstian Ales
  5. Better Weather IPA, the newest custom IPA from Golden Road Brewing. They call it a "winter warmer," at 9.4 abv, it should do quite that.
  6. Troegs made a pumpkin beer last year, well what they called a "pumpkin pie" beer (Master of Pumpkins). It's back and was released earlier this week.
  7. Finally Goose Island introduces the two newest sisters, Hailia and Gillian, to the now "Four Sisters" series. Halia has a great backstory by the way.

Oh and just a little bit about myself. My name is Blake, I like talking beer almost as much as I like drinking it. You can find me on both Untappd  & Twitter. Cheers!