The Beer Release Round Up, 11/21/2013

Blake Smith, November 21, 2013
  1. Bourbon Sour Porter, Almanac Beer Company's most recent release is part dark strong ale blended with their Dogpatch Sour aged in Kentucky oak bourbon barrels. Since Almanac's sours are their strong suit, this should be great... if you can find it.
  2. Goose Island's most current seasonal, Ten Hills (Pale Ale), is comprised of only hops dedicated to Goose Island from Elk Mountain Farms, Idaho.
  3. Billionaire- Clown Shoes [English Style Barleywine aged in cognac barrels], "Label's ready for The Billionaire, our Fourth Anniversary beer" (due on shelves late December this year)
  4. Dogfish Head always does beer their way, so why would their Piercing Pils be any different. "A Perry-Pils hybrid, Piercing Pils is a Czech Style Pilsner brewed with a White Pear Tea and Pear juice."
  5. Green Flash has already started bottling Palate Wrecker and by the looks of it, expect to see it soon. Many new markets will now be able to have access to this seasonal as part of their new expansion. Side note: it' #58 on the DIPA leaderboard, vastly underrated I think... 
  6. Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break (BAR: 6.04) & a variant of this same beer sit a top the Evil Twin leaderboard. Their 3rd variant, which is bourbon barrel aged, will surely crack the top 10.

I'm interested to hear what you've found? Anything you've read about & loved or not loved?

Oh and just a little bit about myself. My name is Blake, I like talking beer almost as much as I like drinking & making it. You can find me on both Untappd  & Twitter. Cheers!

Thanks to Cindy Ng for the header image.