Give Thanks for Good Beer

Eno Sarris, November 27, 2013

Sometimes loving beer is tiresome. Your family rolls their eyes at you, they make jokes, they make exaggerated apologies for the beer they've chosen you, they sarcastically ask you your opinion on the swill in their hands. Sometimes -- especially around the holidays -- you'll wish you never opened your mouth about beer.

And yet. Think about it. Those same people that mock you -- when they're shopping for this occasion, you don't think they at least try to buy a better beer? Even if it's not exactly what you want, haven't you noticed the general quality of beer at family functions has gone up since you mentioned BeerGraphs, or that you traded for beer once, or that you drove six hours for a rare beer that one time, or you home brew? Even if it's just Fat Tire, haven't they tried a little harder than a 24-pack of Big Beer and a slap on the back?

So, this holiday season, give thanks. Give thanks to good beer. And give thanks for the beer in your hand, whatever it is. Because it probably came with some thought, if not always great execution.

It's a motto for life, really.

Thanks to user Dimus on Wiki Commons for the header image.