The Beer Release Round Up, Thanksgiving 2013

Blake Smith, December 04, 2013

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves last week, here's a late Thanksgiving roundup...

  1. A sure sign that it is Thanksgiving is once New Belgium's Frambozen (rasberry brown ale) starts showing up again. Amazing to think that this will be the 20 year anniversary, since it's release back in Septembr 1993.
  2. A Deal With The Devil by Anchorage Brewing, looks to be just that. "Barleywine style ale brewed with galaxy hops, aged eleven months in cognac barrels." According to twitter, they will be releasing this after their Barleywine fest in January, and I am guessing it should see distribution after that.
  3. Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, is throwing a release party for their Syndicate Series 01 (Bourbon Barrel-aged Vintage Ale). It will see limited distribution only to the westcoast.
  4. A couple weeks ago Terrapin released their white chocolate milk stout, White Chocolate Moo Hoo. Next up from Terrapin: Cinnamon Roll'd Wake-n-Bake (Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout).
  5. Matt's Burning Rosids (Imperial Cherrywood-Smoked Saison): "Stone Brewing Co. pays tribute to one of their own with this forthcoming release. Earlier this year, tragedy struck the brewery with the loss of Matt Courtright."

Thanks beercansrus for the image!

Oh and just a little bit about myself. My name is Blake, I like talking beer almost as much as I like drinking & making it. You can find me on both Untappd  & Twitter. Cheers!