Restaurants With No Beer Menu

Michael Donato, January 13, 2014

I was invited a local restaurant and bar the other night, and my first move was to see what beer they'd have available. The website wasn't very promising and at first and I resigned myself to drinking Guinness and not worrying about it. Then I started to suspect that, like many smaller restaurants, web management isn't high on their priority list and I should look further.

This is a great use for our database and Untappd's website. You can look up a venue and see what other people have checked into recently there. In the case of Shortway's Bar the check-ins suggested that they had Flying Fish's Hopfish, an IPA that I happen to particularly like. It's -0.08 BAR disagrees, but I know what I like. I've always found Hopfish to be pretty well balanced and a good beer that you could drink without your palate being completely destroyed by bitterness, but perhaps that's why it doesn't do as well in the IPA category. 

There were other acceptable options. Two Sam Adams taps, some decent imports like Guinness and Palm, and Yuengling, plus a couple of others I didn't catch. Their were two rows of taps, which is twice as many as was on their website, which suggests to me that the craft beer bubble has hit even small townie bars forcing them to increase the variety of beer they serve. It's getting less and less likely that you'll walk into a place and only find Bud and Bud Light on tap. 





Flying Fish HopFish




Guinness Draught

Irish Dry Stout



Sam Adam’s Boston Lager

Vienna Lager



Sam Adam’s Octoberfest





Red Lager



After getting myself amped up for a Hopfish we showed up to find a pitcher of Yuengling had already been ordered. I didn't want to be That Guy and rock the boat, so I settled down to enjoy some of America's Oldest Brewery's fine lager and spend some time with some friends talking tattoos, inappropriate workplace conversations, and puppies.